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The Peoria Area Speech-Language Hearing Association (PASHA) is a diverse organization of speech-language pathologists and audiologists who work in public and private schools, area hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and private practices. Continuing education opportunities offered by PASHA enable these professionals to meet the needs of their clients with the most current treatments available. 


 Executive Officers    


President  Barb Honings t.honings@comcast.net
President-Elect  Vacant  
Recording Secretary  Nicole Pierson   nicolepierson31@gmail.com
Corresponding Secretary  Laura Morrow   morrow071407@gmail.com
Treasurer  Christine Fletcher christinefletcherslp@gmail.com
ISHA Representative (yr 2)  Marissa Ulm mlulm09@gmail.com
ISHA Representative (yr 1)  Christine Fletcher christinefletcherslp@gmail.com


 Committee Chairpersons    

Membership & Professional Standards  Danila McAsey danila@mtco.com
Education Resources  Kristin Faulkner kfab96@yahoo.com
By-Laws  Laura Grichnik laurargrich@comcast.net
Audit-Budget  Sue Justice sue.m.justice@osfhealthcare.org
Honors  Carolyn Nunn cnunn10324@aol.com
Programs  Marcy Short mmshort1@mtco.com
Nominating  Barb Honings t.honings@comcast.net
Symposium (chair)  Vacant  
Symposium (chair-elect)  Vacant  


 Officer and Chairperson Information    


PASHA officers are elected annually in May. Please contact Barb Honings, Nominating Committee Chairperson, if you are interested in joining PASHA's leadership team. 

Click here for Officer Job descriptions.

Click here for Committee Chairperson job descriptions. 

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